Supra Footwear Rebuild


The old Supra website was integrated with Full Circle and was built on a custom platform. After the purchase of Supra, K-Swiss Global Brands needed the new site to go into their Magento instance and integrate with their ERP software, SAP. This meant a complete rebuild from the ground up.

All templates, integration points, and content management had to be re-imagined for the new platform.


Initially, there was no team to build the new site. KSGB wanted to move all development activities in house. I hired, planned and oversaw development of the new site. I also set up all processes for network management, set up configuration/source-control software and brought a talented team on-board. I served as project manager, lead developer and mentor.



For content management, we decided to use a widely known system that was familiar to everyone who would be adding content to the site. We used WordPress to store all content that is loaded into the site. We built a Magento module to import and display the data within the Magento templates.


The site is fully responsive for all tablet and mobile breakpoints. ReadyPulse was added to the homepage for it’s directly shoppable social content. Popular products on the category pages are merchandiseable and linked to a hidden Magento category.


The product grid is filtered by color, fabric, technology features, price and size. Standard sort options are also implemented. We also created in line zoom functionality on the product pages to prevent users from having to click into a separate pop up window.


Collections pages are dynamically created from categories on the Magento back-end. When more sub-categories are added to the Collections category, the page template updates, the feature spot updates to the newly created category, and the mid page feature spot becomes the next category in line. The Features page is dynamically created from posts added to a WordPress install in the background.


The News pages are also dynamically created from WordPress posts added to a separate WordPress Category.




Category Page


Product Grid


Product Page