Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Illinois Online Portal Tutorial


I was instructed to create a document to disseminate to introduce the support staff to the new online member and employer portals. As the newly hired Multimedia Developer, I was aware of a number of tools that could be used to greatly improve the acceptance and reach of the results of this task. I asked permission to expand the assignment within the assigned deadline to a fully featured animated tutorial. At the time, within the insurance space, this was something that was unheard of.


I designed and developed the delivered Portal Tutorial CD.


We created a video introduction using co-workers, used my supervisor to record the voice-over, and went through 2 rounds of changes to deliver the final product. It was packaged into a self-supporting .exe that could be run on any computer and copied onto a CD. Once released, high level corporate staff saw the project and insisted it be disseminated company-wide not only to staff, but to clients as well.

Final Version